Camps & Weekend Retreats at Mullartown
A Ministry of BCM International

Summer Camps

Each year, Mullartown House hosts a series of Summer Camps sponsored by BCM International and stretching from the end of June through to the end of August. These are always lots of fun, and many children and young people are able to learn about our Lord Jesus Christ in an informal and inviting atmosphere (see Summer Camp 2008 for this years details). Weekend reunions for the young people attending these camps are also held over the winter months.

Weekend Retreats

Mullartown House Gardens
  • Good Fun
  • Meet New People
  • Fellowship
  • Time with God
  • Try New Things
  • Great Food
  • Breathtaking views
  • Beautiful Atmosphere

Now you can do all those things and more at Mullartown House. Weekends are available for catered and self-catered meals. Please e-mail for availibility and pricing.

Remember, we have willing staff on site to help with every aspect of your stay!

Serving Christ Through Camps
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